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Here we provide any kind of printing services you want. You can chose a plenty of design that suits your requirement. With our latest technology we complete your order rapidly and accurately.

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 In the recent time technology and new techniques have implemented to speed up the process of short run and one-off jobs, however their is a fast development in ink, paper and different material have allowed the printing agencies to produce better first-rate product and greater innovative product.

When books, marketing, newspapers and magazines started to transport online, many people expected the demise of print. but, this prediction has yet to come back actual and plenty of regions of the industry are healthier than ever.

Companies are still using print for direct advertising and marketing campaigns, promotional substances, brochures, catalogues and much extra. Print is now seen as a better quality, more tactile and more expert choice to its online alternatives.

There are different kind of business card used in the companies for their customer, each card is unique from the others with better quality and great design.

We create a business card with top quality paper and use different kind ink to produce a stunning business card.

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March 29, 2019
Singapore Business Card Printing

Express Name Card Printing Singapore – How To Design Impressive Luxury Card?

As we know that, in the business world, promotions are playing an important role. It is the only way that can help the companies in getting a quick success. For such a kind of activities, the individuals are choosing the way of numerous sources. The way of luxuryExpress Name Card Printing Singapore services is one of these. 

The business cards are working as a source of promotion and identity. Here, you are required to check out various elements. In case of luxury business cards, the designing is playing the most important role. 

When it comes to design the luxury cards then the professionals need to be focused on various factors. Mainly these factors are related to lots of things such as – shape and so on. Now I’m going to discuss all these factors with the help of proper explanation. 

Tips for designing luxury business cards 

While designing the luxury business cards, then the individuals should be focused on lots of factors. Mainly these factors are providing an impressive and luxurious look to the business card. 

  • Provide an expensive look 

The most important thing about the luxury business cards is look. The individuals should prepare a design that appears as an expensive one. Preparation of an expensive looking design gives it a different look and leaves a good impression on the clients. For such a task, material of finishing is becoming crucial. Following are some types of materials. 

  • Foil stamping 
  • Metallic ink 
  • Letterpress 
  • Matte 
  • Silk 

Use of such materials can help you in getting high quality Singapore Business Card Printingresults. In case the service provider uses it in an effective manner then it provides a memorable card. 

  • Base material 

In case of business card, base material is a significant factor or element. You can see the use of normal and thick paper in the normal cards. The designing of luxury cards is completely based on different types of elements. For such a task, the professionals are considering the way of some creative or innovative elements like –

  • Wood 
  • Plastic 
  • Bamboo 

Use of these things as base provides uniqueness to the business card. With all these factors, you are required to check out lots of elements. 

  • Edges 

Designing of card is completed by paying attention to lots of factors. Mainly these factors are becoming important in several ways. With all these things, you need to be focused on the edges. In the normal cards, the companies are keeping the simple and sharp corners. 

In case of luxury cards, there are some cuttings and creative ideas are implemented. On the basis of these factors, you can get rounded corners. These types of shapes are providing lots of attractiveness. 

Final saying 

The individuals those are getting confused in the designing of luxurious Singapore Business Card Printingthey can focus on above mentioned factors. For more perfections, the assistance of experts is becoming an important source. 

March 28, 2019
Express Printing Singapore

Express Printing Singapore – A Perfect Marketing Tool!

Are you the one who is trying to hire services of quality Express Printing Singapore in order to promote your business? Well, if your answer is YES, for sure you are heading in the right direction. These business card printing services are extremely popular as they are able to create a good-looking card for your business and able to establish a nice impression in front of your clients and customers. Without any doubt, here I am not talking about general business cards as we are promoting luxurious ones as a marketing tool.

These luxurious cards are specifically designed for the business who have already established themselves in the market or for the beginners who are ready to shed good amount of money on their marketing.

Here the time has arrived to know deep about Express Printing Singapore services and how to gain best outcome from these printing companies.

  1. Pay attention to the design –Designing of the business cards is the most crucial aspect. Especially when it comes to luxurious cards, you need to pay serious attention to stuff like paper quality and designing. Your cards must be catchy but informative too. These cards will act as a first step to interact with your clients and customers. Hiring these printing services is not all about spending plenty of money. You need to involve yourself in the designing process so that the cards able to represent your business in the right manner. 
  2. Spread Adequate Message-A good looking card without any proper massage is of no use. What is the point in giving a business card to a person when you are not able to convey the type of business you have undertaken. These are few aspects that you need to take care of. Spreading adequate message is the need of the hour as the market is extremely competitive and your first interaction with your customers has to be top-notch.

Business Cards For Maximizing Exposure

Now what is the exact purpose behind spending so much money on these expensive business cards? The simple answer comes in the form of maximizing exposure. There are many business owners who not only print these cards for themselves but even for their employees. It is extremely beneficial indeed when you are able to involve your team and train them out regarding the importance of these cards. Not many companies till date have been able to use these cards as a quality marketing tool but you must not miss out the golden opportunity.

Final Words

In the end it is easy to convey indeed, these Express Printing Singapore service providers have plenty to offer especially when you are ready to grab the opportunity with both hands. Just find a good printing company in your region and print a nice-looking luxurious business cards. Don’t waste a moment if you not applied this particular marketing strategy as there is simply lot to gain and nothing to lose. 

March 14, 2019
Print Shop

Print Shop and small Company

The majority of the consumers are connected to the company that's appropriate and can deliver items in the ideal method. There are quite a few different applications of this print shop which you are able to select and have more fun.

Competition in the worldwide marketplace is growing daily and it's getting even more critical to take care of the small business performance. For this, you can decide on a printing store. For a small company, it's essential to understand more about the ideal use of the printing shop to have the job done. This is going to be enhancing your performance in many folds and you'll have the ability to get best results with it.

There are a lot of methods by which the small company homes may use the print stores and also have more successful operation of the normal tasks that are done. The ideal printing store may make a large difference and supply excellent results which will be quite good for the small business companies. Here are the facts that you ought to take into your account to understand about the numerous functions and function of the little print store.
The presents you ought to be published in the ideal fashion that may build a fantastic image of your organization and make things simpler for you. You need to be certain your brand is introduced in the ideal method. A present that's printed may be fine and potent. You need to make them publish for particular occasions.
Small business companies should have powerful business cards. They'll have the ability to create a more successful impression on the consumers and other business houses. You want to use the great services of the ideal print store to have stronger alternatives for you. By that, you'll be having more choices to remain ahead than your opponents on the marketplace. On the fantastic print store can make it possible for you and supply you newest edition of the company cards. Business cards can also be powerful advertising tool that may set the ideal belief and supply more earnings opportunities.

The upcoming significant thing you could discover is that documentation ought to be published in a wonderful way since they represent a fantastic picture of your business. You need to give preference to the ideal sort of material that is appropriate and within your budget. Print store is the ideal choice to find the items printed in the ideal method.
Exclusive Small Business cards

Broachers are filled with advice and supply the ideal way to supply the utmost information to the clients and various business houses. You ought to use the assistance of the printing firm to possess outstanding broacher printing. There are various kinds of broachers available that may improve your company in many folds. It's much better to utilize the services and be certain you can provide the utmost information to the clients and other recipients. You might even consist of a variety of sorts of images about your goods and services that will be creating a fantastic impression.
Great works

April 19, 2018

Name Card Design Can Be a Fun

In case you're simply starting in the arrangement planet, you may not aware of the best places to begin. When you get a card there's a high possibility that you won't be able to place it in your pocket else are you going to need to. On the other hand, you could just make a remarkable design on your PC and choose for a quality paper to resemble a specialist business card at an amazingly sensible price tag.

Using an incredible quality paper is a basic need. You will be in a situation to attempt a wide range of layouts to acquire the one which best fits your requirements. You need to have a thick skin for a magnificent Singapore Namecard Printing.

It will be gobbled up when you are paid little month-to-month checks by the insurance supplier over the length of time. A potential customer or client should need to understand who it is they might want to contact. Most organizations additionally state you may order each couple of months.

If you can't create the card, you will be denied to an office on such day. Singapore Name card printing or Business cards constantly should be formal and stick to an established format. Planning and designing a flawless and professional looking name card is genuinely not so much difficult.

Consequently, you shouldn't miss an opportunity to show your finest characteristics, and convey your business' character and values. You could have something like a top priority like a specific shading yet when you get to see it before you, you may choose that is not the best one for you.

What is happening with Name Card Design?

The Singapore Name card printing is still alive. If there are industry events, networking opportunities, parties and administration openings, there will be name cards. And it's essential that yours isn't tossed to the base of the heap because of a lackluster design.

Regardless of whether you work at a freelancer or big agency in Singapore, your name card should create an unforgettable first impression.

In case if you need to introduce your business or item to clients in meeting space, and if you want to inspire your clients, you can make use of animated presentation to get the client’s interest. Talk with individuals you know who can recommend a collectibles merchant or antiques that they've worked with previously. If you need to be successful in business, procuring the address of the association is mandatory. Finding contacts to set the equipment is the most difficult part. A better place to start to start looking for phone prospects is your group business catalog (yellow pages). It makes an expanded space to bring your business in place to simply manage it.

A business card is apparently the most effective networking instrument you can have in your pocket. It's the initial introduction of you and the business you're speaking to. Although we're in this advanced age where online networking overwhelms, a physical business card is still exceedingly important as it forms an actual human connection amongst you and your companions, where web-based social networking is unfortunately lacking

April 19, 2018

Best sorts of paper for name cards Singapore

Name cards are utilized as a major aspect of a presentation by a person. When individuals meet with their companions and others with whom they have shared interests, they trade their name cards for systems networking.

In this way, the name card should be outlined in an expert. As far as Name Cards Singapore configuration, even the small subtle elements like the kind of paper utilized has an extensive influence on a definitive format. So, one must be aware of it when printing. The best sorts of paper for name cards Singapore include:

1. Card Stock

Name card printing is done on sorts of paper to ensure that the card is proficient and formal. Cardstock is an extraordinary paper compared to other kinds of paper for name card printing. This sort of paper is stronger when compared with others and it can withstand extreme taking care of. Because of their heavier weight, the cards are inflexible in this way they are enduring. These qualities make this sort of paper ideal for the name cards.

2. Matte Stocks

The next sort of paper that is perfect for name card printing is the matte stocks. This sort of paper has a smooth non-sparkling completion and is accessible in numerous colors. In any case, the essential colors are creams, tans, beiges, and whites are neutral colors and are sufficiently unbiased for printed data to be effortlessly visible. While choosing the shades of matte, one must know that the lettering isn't as fresh as that written in impartial tones. The matte stocks empower the holder to compose on their name cards if any of the data is refreshed or changed. Additionally, these sorts of paper print evidently give a flawless complete to the name card.

3. Glossy Stocks

It is another sort of paper that is utilized as a part of name cards Singapore. Its covering is best for twofold sided printing that makes a glittery complete and is perfect for dazzling colors. The papers are accessible in a wide range of colors providing the name card proprietor boundless choices to choose from the assortment of colors.

The glossy stocks can consolidate a photograph in the background. Additionally, many photograph outlines might be joined to make the name cards engaging and proficient. The fluid covering on these card papers makes them sustainable for a long time. Durability emerges from the way that the covering secures the cards against tearing and water.

4. Photo Card Stocks

Whenever a quality photo finish is required, the photograph cards stocks are utilized for name card printing. This sort of paper is perfect for performers, land operators and models. This paper gives a refined impression and can be utilized for twofold sided and one-sided cards. Even though they are generally costly, they make engaging and proficient name cards.

5. Textured card stocks

The other kind of paper that produces incredible outcomes when utilized as a part of name card printing is the finished paper. The textured cardstocks are accessible in both matte and glossy stocks. The finished papers make remarkable name cards since they have brilliant examples squeezed into their surfaces. The examples may incorporate bushel weave, houndstooth, and dots. The papers are accessible in numerous colors and they create noticeable measurements. These papers are appropriate for single-sided printing.

April 19, 2018

5 Advanced Printing companies in Singapore

A&K Packaging and Design

A&K Packaging and Design is a reputable printable company in Singapore having experience in publications, organization leaflets and furthermore modified bundling. With the organization's logo being "As certain as the daylight", they bring satisfaction to their clients beyond their expectations by delivering high-quality products and services.

Let be honest: Not all printing organizations hit the nail on the head. A and K Packaging and Design work based on the following standards to guarantee that they generally give proficient services to all customers.

  • Customization
  • Always listening
  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Cost adequacy

 A&K Packaging and Design perceive that cost is dependably an essential factor to their customers. Consequently, they intend to provide an effective solution at low cost with no compromise on the quality.

With the advanced cutting edge printing technique, they intend to address all your printing needs, make an expert picture and create more brand awareness for your organization.

Bideas International Private Limited

Bideas International is one of the most famous  Printing Companies Singapore having a centralized production hub, it has also developed over its times of operation, to extend its global presence.

Bideas International is the favored decision of numerous people and associations for their Corporate Apparels, Ad Productions, Design and Printing Services.

Bideas consists of a team of dedicated creative arts designers and experienced product specialists. To benefit their customers better, Bideas is committed to investing in the latest printing technologies as well as print management infrastructure, to ensure that you appreciate for each print work you print with Bideas.

  • High Quality
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Affordable pricing

Whatever your promoting needs are, Bideas are constantly prepared to serve you with the wide range of services and products.

It gives proficient outlining and offset and digital printing services to achieve your promotional and marketing need. With a dynamic and young global workforce, combined with the most recent printing advancements, Bideas International can give speed and better administrations to meet all your prerequisites at a reasonable cost.

Alco Printing Services

Alco Printing Services is a one-stop look for all your personal printing, corporate and production printing needs. It gives a different range of experts, for example, Large Format Printing, Digital Printing and, Offset Printing that will fulfill your printing needs.

Alco is the best answer to meet your printing needs whatever your promoting needs are Alco constantly prepared to serve you with our tremendous scope of items and services.


Zignprint printing company in Singapore has developed from being only a cutting-edge substantial arrangement printing specialist co-op in Singapore to a one-stop answer for conceptualizing and executing far-reaching promotion and marketing campaigns.

Zignprint supply Display solutions, Stage backdrops which are appropriate for Events, Branding, Events, Road shows, Exhibitions and Product Launches.

AL Printing Services

AL Printing services want to be your one-stop print provider. It implies that they give counsel on your business card printing one day and your presentation illustrations and organizer printing the following. Utilize the adaptability further to boost your good fortune and perceive how the printing organization can profit your association.

Whatever printing prerequisites, AL printing services gives the most noteworthy quality at the best cost. From postcards and flyers through to an unpredictable finishing and folding, AL Services can advise you on the best method to present your thoughts. It can work from your own particular designs or give an exhaustive outline and print service.

AL Service employments go from business card and stationery printing to envelopes and corporate handout printing and they can offer you an unparalleled scope of printing services. AL will discover the print solution to match your budget, achieve your objective and compliment your organization's style and ethos.

AL Printing offers short-run advanced digital printing for small range demands or for those last minute promotional materials or presentations brochures.

April 19, 2018

Different types of Printing services

There is a wide range of technologies involved in printing services. The basic printing services are:

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Flexography
  • Gravure
  • Screen Printing

More Printing Services were introduced for applications. These incorporate letterpress, flock printing, pad printing, intaglio, and thermography.

Offset Printing service

In offset printing plate, which is frequently manufactured utilizing aluminum has an image of the substance that needs to be printed. Exactly when the plate is inked, this image of the substances holds ink. From the plate, this image is transferred a rubber blanket and a short time later to the printing surface. This process can be used to print the image on cardboard, plastic, paper or other materials. But these materials should have a flat surface.

At the end of 4 colors sheetfed press is where single sheets of paper are consequently fed into the press. Each printing press prints one color. Normally Black get printed first and then cyan followed by magenta and yellow. On the front of the machine, the stack is visible, console and Monitor underneath the press is used by press operator to control the press.

These days, offset printing services is the widely used printing method for a broad scope of products, for example, daily papers, corrugated board, posters, stationery, and so on.

There is a pattern where the printing promotional material is steadily drifting to advanced(digital) printing while some bundling printing is moving to flexo.

Digital printing service: Inkjet & Xerography

Digital printing should be possible in different ways. Two advancements rule the business:

  • Inkjet – In an inkjet printer, the picture that should be printed is made by small droplets of ink that are impelled from the spouts of print heads. Inkjet gadgets can print on a variety of substrates, for example, plastic paper, canvas or even floor tiles and doors. Inkjet printing is considered a lot of signage and publications. It is more economical for small-scale distributions, for example, photograph books. Sometimes In-line inkjet printers are united with different kinds of presses to print variable information, for example, the street numbers on postal mail pieces.
  • Xerography – In xerographic printers, for example, laser printers, the picture that should be printed is shaped by specifically applying a charge to a metal chamber called a drum. The electrical charge is utilized to draw in toner particles. These particles are exchanged to the media that is printed on. To ensure the toner is settled appropriately, the substrate goes through the fuser so that the fuser melts the toner. Laser printers are utilized as a part of workplaces as well as for small run printing of leaflets, books and different sorts of an archive. These printers are additionally utilized for value-based printing (charges, bank archives, and so on) and post office based mail.

The techniques two procedures mutually represented around 15% of the aggregate volume of print in 2009.Digital printing is progressively used for print occupations that were utilizing flexo, offset or screen printing before.

Flexo printing service:

In flexography, the substance that should be printed is on the alleviation of a printing plate, which is produced using a rubber. The plate is inked and that inked picture is thusly exchanged to the printing surface. The procedure can be utilized to print on paper and in addition metals, cellophane, plastic and different materials. Flexo is predominantly utilized for labels and packaging and to a lesser degree likewise for daily papers.

Some bundling printing is migrating from flexo to digital printing services.


Also called as rotogravure printing service is a method in which a picture is engraved into a printing barrel. That barrel is inked and this ink is transferred to the paper. Gravure is utilized for high volume work, for example, packaging, magazines and daily papers.

Gravure is steadily losing its importance in the overall industry to offset for production printing and to flexo for bundling applications.

Screen printing

As the name suggests, this printing service depends on a fabric screen. Certain regions of this work are covered with a non-porous material. In the other open spaces, ink can be pushed through the work onto a substrate. The benefit of screen printing is that the surface of the beneficiary does not need to be level and that the ink can hold fast to an extensive variety of materials, for example, textiles, paper, ceramics, glass, wood, and metal. Screen Printing is widely used to print T-shirts.

Progressively screen printing is being changed by digital printing.

Additional printing services

Letterpress – was a leading printing method once, letterpress is presently utilized for wedding invitations, business cards and so on.

Flock Printing – used to include a (shaded) velvet-like texture to textiles, papers, and so on.

Pad printing – It is widely used to print on 3D surfaces.

Intaglio Printing –This printing technique is utilized for paper currency and stamps

Thermography – This is a completing process than a real printing process. It makes raised lettering on the printed side of a material or paper and is utilized for letterheads, wedding invitations, letterheads, business cards, and so on.

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