Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set | Review 2017

When you are into drumming, getting your hands on the right set is very important.

  • A drum kit has a great influence on your music. When the sound quality is good and the features are apt, your drumming will automatically reflect it.
  • However, if you are stuck with a below average set, you will not be able to realize your full potential.
  • A drum set has different instruments packed into one. All these instruments should be of good quality, individually. Only then can you deliver music of great quality.
  • When you are on the hunt for a good drum kit, it is easy to get lost and not know which one is the right one for you.
  • With kits loaded with different features and coming in different price ranges, you need an honest review to help you choose. This Yamaha dtx522k review is here to help you know more about this kit.

With newly developed tom pads, hi-hit and cymbal pads; this latest drum kit from Yamaha is an improvement over the previous models. The kit is affordable and gives you the variety you need as a musician to try out your ideas. Let’s take a detailed look at this drum kit from Yamaha:

Yamaha DTX522K – Best Features:

  • Expandable – As you grow as a drummer, your requirements will increase. With this kit, you can add four more pads or triggers and upgrade the entire kit. Now you can improve your skill with just a slight addition.
  • 3 Zone Cymbal Pads – This kit has a professional 3 zone cymbal pads. With these pads, one can play different sounds on cup, bow and edge zones. You can express your music better and bring out the musician in you.
  • Mute Cymbals – This kit has an exclusive feature that allows you to mute the cymbals before you hit them. Sometimes, they can be too loud for your taste and you may just not want to sound them. However, as a part of regular playing, you may be used to striking the cymbal. Now the only way to not affect your style, yet not let the cymbal disturb your music is to mute it.

Proprietary Laser Technology – With this laser technology, the tuning is more accurate. It analyses your drum strokes better and the trigger settings are precisely tuned. This enables a natural feeling when you hit the drums.

  • Training Function – The inbuilt training function in the kit challenges the drummer in you and sharpens your skills. It helps you improve your drumming, all by yourself. It also scores you after each performance – the perfect way to keep a track of your improvement.
  • DTX – PAD Snare – This snare has newly developed tom pads, the 3 zone hi-hat and cymbals. With this feature, all three – the open rim shot, closed rim shot and the head can be played in any of the 3 zones.
  • USB Port – The inbuilt USB port allows you to import other wave files. You have a control over the VSTi software too.
  • Free Apps – When you buy this kit, you get access to free iOs Apps. These Apps not only allows you to customize the drums, but you can also import songs and training programs.
  • Silicon Snare Pad – The snare pad is made of textured silicone that facilitates a realistic feel when used. Also, it provides a cushion effect when you strike it, thus saving your arm from any pain or damage, while playing the drums for a long time.

DTX502 Module – This module has 691 drum and percussion sounds. Now you can a wide variety to you r playing. Also, you can layer and import other tracks too.

  • Low acoustic – The acoustic noise levels are low. This is an important requirement from any electronic drum that is used for private practice.
  • Customize – There are 10 different base kits. You can customize these kits to find your unique style. You can also change the settings and find a new kit when your music changes.
  • Rubber Pads – The pads are made of rubber. This gives you’re hits a good return and the sound quality will also be better. Rubber also lasts long, thus reducing your maintenance cost.

Free Download: [PDF]DTX522K/DTX542K Assembly Manual 

Negative Points 

  • Kick Pedal – A kick pedal is one of the most important and fun element of a drum kit. This is not included in this kit and you will have to spend extra and buy it separately.
  • Drum Pedal – The base drum pedal can be doubled up and used as a kick pedal too. However, the feel is not the same as using an authentic kick pedal.
  • Not For Androids – The Apps is an attractive added feature to this kit. However, the App is compatible only for iOs software. It cannot be downloaded on to or used in androids.
  • Not For Professionals – Despite the customizing options and the 3 zone snare, this kit is only apt for kids or beginners. For a seasoned or well experience drummer, this kit will not make the cut.

Advantages Over Competition 

  • Custom Beats – With the free Songbeats App, you can create custom beats where the drums are the center of the music.
  • Download Songs – You can download over 1000 songs to play along with and practice, using the free Musicsoft App. The MIDI files can be downloaded into your drum set directly and can be used for practice sessions.

Bigger ROM – This model has almost twice the size of ROM that was available in the previous models. The number of different sounds is also more, thereby giving you more freedom and choice to play different beats.

  • Variety – This set has wide variety of drums and percussion sounds, polyphonic note generator and even 50 preset drum kits. Now you can mix and match any of these sounds to come up with a style of your own. This is customization at its best.
  • Low Noise – The acoustic noise is low when compared to other drum sets. Now with this set, you can practice and play in your house or room without the neighbors complaining. There is no need to reduce the volume or seek a secluded place to use those sticks.


When you want to try your hands at playing the electric drums or want to improve your drumming skill, you need a good and reliable drum set. The set should be able to enhance your sounds and offer a variety of customization options, so that you can find your groove. Each player is different and the music taste also changes as your music evolves.

The Yamaha dtx522k gives you the perfect opportunity to try different beats and combinations, before you can find what suits your senses. The price at which the variety is offered is one of the best in the market. The drum pads, the sounds and the triggers offered in this set allows you to experience a holistic drumming experience.

This set is perfect for those who want a good drum set to practice at home and are into personal recording. Even if you are a professional player, you can use this set to get some practice sessions at home. It is light, compact and just the right set for light drumming.

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