Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Set | Review 2017

The Yamaha DTX450K is an electronic drum kit from Yamaha which comes with 10 drum kits, a Yamaha Drum Throne, FIRTH5A Drumsticks and JVC full size Headphones.

The 450K is the top model in the DTX400k series.

The DTX400K series is a 5piece kit which includes the hi-hat cymbal, the ride and crash cymbal, the remote hi-hat, snare pads, belt drive kick pedal and kick pad, drumsticks, drum stool, JVC full-size headphones and a DTX400 drum trigger module.

The DTX450K comes with 10 training functions ideal for any beginner or a seasoned player, ideal for learning, practising or teaching and playing. The first requisite for any electronic drum kit is the drum module and the sound quality.

The Yamaha DTX450K works wonderfully well on both counts. It is affordable when compared to the excellent features that it has and the excellent quality of its functions. Let us now look at some of the best characteristics of this electronic drum kit that promises to give a real acoustic drum-like feel.

The best features of the Yamaha DTX450K:

  • This drum set comes with large 10” cymbals and a hi-hat cymbal.
  • This is a set which features the deluxe HH65 remote hi-hat controller pedal. The Yamaha HH65 can produce a wide range of hi-hat effects like the full open, full closed, half open and foot splash. This ensures that you get an amazing feel and response from your electronic drum kit.
  • The 7.5” tom pads in this kit gives the drummer the ease in playing for a long time because of its compact shape. The DTX rubber pad provides very good playability because of its soft head that provides for a moderate bounce which is not slippery.

  • The TP70S 3 zone snare pad generatesrim shots, cross stick, and the regular snare sounds all from the same snare pad, and all of them giving a genuine acoustic drum feel.
  • The DTX450K includes the authentic Yamaha FP6110A single belt-drive bass drum pedal which is really smooth in action and quick in response. The smoothness is a big plus for learners and drummers with moderate experiences looking to polish their skills.
  • This drum kit also includes a KP65 twin pedal capable bass drum pad. This is a big kick pad made of rubber and large enough for a double foot pedal set-up. This gives a very quiet and natural feel to the whole drumming experience.

These electronic percussion instruments come with 10 interactive training functions along with voice guidance.

  • Also included are 10 pre-set kits, all of which can be customised, that is, edited and overwritten.
  • There are 10 play-along songs featured in this kit. You can change the tempo and play or connect the USB port and practice an endless variety of songs all downloaded from the internet.
  • The DTX400 trigger module features 169 high-quality drum sounds and 127 instrument sounds.
  • There is scope for adding drum pads, crash cymbal pad as per your requirements. The kit accommodates expansion.

The steel rack on which the entire unit is mounted is sturdy and solid.

  • The kit also features the Vic Firth drumsticks (wood, 5A), a Yamaha drum throne, and JVC HARX300 full-size headphones to give you privacy during your practice sessions.

With such great features and functions, this Yamaha drum kit has a lot of advantages and some drawbacks too.

Download Free: [PDF]DTX400K/DTX430K/DTX450K Owner’s Manual – Yamaha Downloads

The pros of the Yamaha DTX450Kdrum set:

  • The biggest plus for this kit is its affordability and economical pricing. The DTX450K comes with everything you’ll ever need for playing your drums.
  • This is electronic drum set is a breeze to set-up and put together. The drum positions are adjustable. The height of the drum pads can also be adjusted to suit your comfort level.
  • The quality of the materials used in this kit is remarkable and comes with the assurance of a reputed brand like Yamaha.

The steel rack on which the whole kit is mounted is sturdy and durable. This rack and kit are easy to unpack and pack and transport. It is foldable and can be stored easily when not in use.

  • The DTX450K is silent when compared to the regular acoustic drum sets. The quietness is a big convenience for prolonged practice sessions and helps the drummer perfect his skills.
  • That said, the quietness of the drum pads in no way hinders the quality of the sound produced. The Yamaha drum pads reek of sheer quality and are very smooth and quick to respond. The sound quality produced by these electronic drum pads give the “real-feel” of an acoustic drum pad.
  • The drum throne is very comfortable and convenient.
  • The USB port allows a limitless variety of songs that can be played.

The cons of the DTX450K drum set:

  • There are complaints that the drum pads begin to lose their sensitivity after some time of continuous practice.
  • The sounds from this electronic kit may not give an authentic feel like the acoustic drum sets.
  • All electronic products are prone to damage and defects after repeated use. There has always been doubts about the continued and reliable performance of the electronic DTX450K kit.
  • There are good upgrades available in the music scene for a sum that is little higher than this 450K from the same brand. For example, the DTX522K set from Yamaha.

Many of the drawbacks mentioned above can be overlooked considering the sound quality and the affordability of this drum kit which is an ideal product for the beginner or the experienced musician. It’s a great kit to practice with and ideal for improving your drumming skills.

How does the DTX450K from Yamaha fare over its competitors?

The most striking advantage of the Yamaha DTX450K is that it is a complete package. It comes with everything that is required for playing the drums immediately once it is set-up. Many electronic drum kits in the same price range do not even offer the entire set.

Accessories like the drum throne or the headphones may have to be purchased additionally. But this is not the case with the Yamaha drum sets.

Also, many electronic kits can be a real pain to put together. The DTX450K is s breeze to assemble and start playing.

The sound quality and reliability from the reputed Yamaha brand comes with assurance and this may not be the case with other drum kits in the same or cheaper category.

The quietness and the quick response of the Yamaha drum sets are some of the best in the industry. This kit offers customisation and many electronic kits don’t at such an economical price. When compared to other models in the DTX series itself, the 450K has the power and efficiency packaged in a very user-friendly manner.


Overall, the Yamaha DTX450K is a very customer-friendly product. It comes with great quality and features making it an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate musicians looking to hone their drumming skills.

The quietness of the drum pads paves way for prolonged training sessions. It is flexible; adjustments can be made to adapt and expand the kit as per the drummer’s requirements.

The tones and sound quality produced give a very realistic feel. Also, the drum pads are quick to respond. The packaging is very neat and user-friendly. There is scope for customisation and a broader playing platform. This is a deluxe product from the DTX series at a very affordable price.

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