Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Set | Review 2017

Just two small and light sticks, oh what music they can produce, when used in the perfect set of drums!

When you are a drummer who loves to create absolutely fabulous music with your sticks, you need more than just a drum. You need the entire set.

A drum kit or a drum set that includes all the instruments such as the cymbals, the drum sticks, the different types of drums and the hi-hat is the perfect asset for any drummer.

If you are a drummer or are in the music field, you are sure to know that Yamaha is one name you can trust.

Yamaha’s DTX400K Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTX400K drum set with 10 different customizable drum sets has everything the drummer in you wants. A compact set that has it all and enables you to play some great music at ease, is assured when you own this kit.

Best Features

Here are some of the best features of this set that is sure to awe you:

Variety – When variety is what you are looking form, this set offers you just that. This drum kit has ten different drum sets, all built into one. You can try various combinations before finding the combo for you. You can also change this at a later date as you grow as a drummer.

Different Instruments – This drum kit consists of a crash cymbal, a ride cymbal, a snare, a tom, floor tom, hi-hit and hi-hat controlling unit, a bass drum and a foot splash that can double up as a second bass drum.

Advanced Drum Pads – Yamaha has years of experience in making drums. Using all these experiences and knowledge, the drum pads for this set is designed to give you a better response. The beats sound more natural, the feel of the stick hitting the drums itself feels great. Also, these pads are built to last for a long time.

Settings – When you are using this drums kit, you have the option of 10 different settings, namely – Funk, Jazz, hard rock, maple custom, marching, percussion, oak custom, vintage, session, marching and even R&B.

Additional Items – Apart from the drums, this kit also has

  • A drum throne for comfortable seating
  • A pair of drumsticks so that you can start playing right away
  • A JVC full size stereo headphone, so that you can listen to your inspiration, as you play.

Customize – Who said you have control only over the music you create? With the Yamaha dtx400k, you have the liberty to even customize your kit. Now you can let people know a little about your style even before your drum sticks touch the drums.

Voice Guidance – This kit has an inbuilt voice guidance system that helps you train. It is like a talking drum that can guide you and teach you how to play better. It gives you the “results” of your drumming session and encourages you.

Free Download: [PDF]DTX400K/DTX430K/DTX450K Owner’s Manual – Yamaha Downloads

Accent Articulation – Different people’s beats have different power. No two drummers can hit with the same strength. This drum set has a very good sound quality where the accent articulation changes the characteristics of the sound of dynamic instruments. The sound is changes depending on the strength of your beats; hence a uniform yet high quality of sound is delivered, always.

Play Along – With the Yamaha dtx400k, you can practice your drumming skills and even improve it by playing along with the various practice songs that is part of the kit. You can even use an aux input and practice for the song of your choice.

Groove Tracker – This is an intuitive teaching mode, where even amateur drummers can play. It helps you pick the beats and learn drumming without a teacher.

Negative Points

  1. Can’t Modify – Though you can customize the drums to find your set, you cannot modify the preset tracks. Once you learn to play to the preset tracks, this feature is useless.
  2. Not For Android OS – Yamaha has a drum software that you can download and use. However, it is not compatible with androids. It works only with Apple products.
  3. Moves Around – The cymbals and snare which should stay in place for good and consistent sound, doesn’t despite tightening it repeatedly, it seems to move around, hindering your performance.
  4. Only For Beginners – This is a great set for beginners. Though it has many modes and sets to customize as your music changes, it is not suitable for experience players.
  5. Flimsy – The entire construction of the drums itself is flimsy. It is not very sturdy, which is a must for any good drum set to last for long. 

Advantages Over Competition

Grow As A Drummer – This drum kit allows you to find your own combination and customize your kit. As you grow as a drummer, your taste and music will change. This kit enables you to use the same kit and change the combinations as needed.

Wide Choice – When the 10 sets are combined, you have a wide option to choose from. You get a choice of 21 kicks, 31 cymbals, 36 toms, 23 snares and 42 percussion instruments. This is a whole big professional set all rolled into a single drums kit.

Encouragement – Not all of us would like to try our hands on drumming in front of others. For those who want their privacy when they are learning to get the groove, this drum set has enough features. The “Voice guidance” will speak up the results after a jamming session and encourage you to do better. Encouragement is something every human needs, especially someone who is trying to learn something on their own.

Challenges – The “rhythm gate” and the “fast challenge” are modes that will help in horning your drumming skills without having to go for a class. You can play all by yourself and see the improvement yourself.

Not Very Loud – Despite being a professional drum set, it is not very loud unless an amp is hooked up. This allows you to practice within your house or room and not disturb others.

Compact – Despite having so many instruments in one kit, it does not occupy much space. Just a corner in your room would do, to store these drums.

Play Any Song – The external aux input enables you to play along with your favorite tracks that are not preset in these drums. As you improve, you can move on to different songs, without any additional purchases.

Value For Money – This is one of the best sounding drum sets and is priced very low. It gives you real value for your money as you can learn to play sharpens your skills all by yourself.

Solid Pads – The pads are made of solid rubber and backed by hard plastic, unlike many pads that come with a mesh head or a silicon head. This offers durability to the pads. Also, they are sensitive to your hits.

Simple Buttons – The control module is a set of simple buttons and no space occupying displays. The buttons are clearly labeled to avoid any confusion.

Easy To Customize – Customizing the kit to your requirement is very simple and straight forward. The LCD screen enables you to know what you are editing and changing.


The Yamaha dtx400 review is here to ensure you get your hands on the right drums kit and not miss out on this multi-faceted drum set. This is a complete package that gives you what you pay for. Learn to play the drums, improve and become an expert – all with a single kit and no teacher.

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