The Best Yamaha DTX Drum Sets – Review 2017

Drums are the key to a good sounding band. Drums are the heartbeats to any music and a very important requirement in a musical composition. Drumming requires a lot of skill, energy, and creativity.

If you are looking for a good percussion instrumentwith a solid beat, groove, and tempo, to render your music even more enjoyable, then the review on Yamaha drum sets could help you arrive at a suitable choice.

Most Recommended Yamaha DTX Drum Sets for 2017:

  1. Yamaha DTX400K
  2. Yamaha DTX450K
  3. Yamaha DTX522K

Drum kits are a collection mix of different drums and cymbals to energise your music. The Yamaha drum sets have been very popular choices because of their excellent sound quality and craftsmanship.

The manufacturer, Yamaha company, manufactures acoustic as well as electronic drum kits, other percussion instruments, band equipment and drums hardware.

Product Item weight Product dimensions Item Model Number
Yamaha DTX400K

Yamaha DTX400K Customizable Electronic Drum Set with Drum Throne, Vic Firth 5A Drumsticks and Stereo Headphones

39 pounds 35.1 * 12.4 * 22.7inches DTX400K
Yamaha DTX450K

Yamaha DTX450K 10 Customizable Drum Kits Electronic Drum Kit with Yamaha Drum Throne, FIRTH5A Drumsticks and JVC Full Size Headphones

59.7 pounds 34.5 * 23.4 * 16.7inches DTX450K
Yamaha DTX522K

Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit with 3-Zone Textured Silicone Snare Pad

11 pounds 5.1 * 18.9 * 9.9inches DTX522SET1

Products Description:

Yamaha DTX400K:

With this DTX series of electronic drums, Yamaha tries to provide good musical quality and technology that is affordable.

These Yamaha drum sets come with a trigger module of 297 high-quality sounds and features ten drum kits and training functions along with drum pads, cymbals, and a silent kick unit.

The configuration is basic with 5 drums, 2 cymbals and a HH65hi-hat. The hardware includes a KU100 kick unit which gives the feel of a regular kick drum without a beater and a pad.

This is ideal entry-level unit which is light-weight and compact. It is very easy to setup. The entire rack is solid and sturdy, even with all the elements that are attached to it and can be folded easily for convenient storage when not in use.

The DTX400 module can be customised to match the drummer’s style and is ideal for practising with interactive training functions and a voice guidance feature. This drum kit comes with 10 interactive training functions with voice guidance and 10 pre-set kits along with 10 play along songs.

Overall, the DTX400 features dynamic acoustic and percussion drums along with modern rock drums which give good electronic tones. The whole DTX400 drum set bundle also includes the typical Yamaha drum throne, Vater Percussion with a Manhattan Nylon Tip 7AN and a JVC full-size headphones. Read the Full Review HERE

The Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum set:

The DTX series from Yamaha drum sets aims at providing authentic drumming experiences with compact electronic drum sets.

The Yamaha DTX450K is a deluxe model which comes with 169 drum sounds and 127 instrument sounds in all and features:

– TP70S 3-zone snare pad that allows playing snare-head, open and close rim-shots in each of the 3 zones and thus provides for greater musical detailing.

The typical Yamaha bass pedal gives a real kick drum feel. The three 10” cymbals are mounted to chrome cymbal stands and provide the foundation for solid rhythm training sessions.

The kit can be customised to accommodate different set of sounds, though it comes with 10 pre-set kits and 10 interactive training functions along with 10 play-along songs. The instrument is expandable with an additional crash cymbal pad and the steel rack on which the entire kit can be mounted is made of steel and provides for a solid framework.

The modules of the DTX400K and the DTX450K are the same. The difference between the two lies in that the DTX400K does not allow for half-opened hi-hat sounds and the snare does not support rim clicks and rim shots unlike the DTX450K.

The DTX400K has a kick pedal without a beater and a pad, whereas the 450K includes a typical bass pedal.

The Yamaha DTX450K drum kit includes the Yamaha drum throne, FIRTH5A drumsticks and JVC full size headphonesRead the Full Review HERE

The Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum set:

The DTX522K is Yamaha’s answer to lower medium-range electronic drum kits.

Whether you wish to play it in a band or a recording studio, this drum set offers incredible sound quality.

It features the DTX502 drum module which offers amazing sound quality.

This Yamaha drum set comes with great features and functions at a price that is relatively low when compared to other drum kits in this range.

The DTX522K comes with a snare pad, 2 cymbal pads, bass drum pad, 3 Tom pads, a Hi-hat pad with a pedal controller and a RS502 durable drum rack. This is a 3zone drum kit which is ideal for practice and training sessions.

The module responds very quickly and offers clarity and quickness in delivering the sounds. The DTX522K offers over 600 different percussion choices with 100 keyboard sounds. There is a USB port and when connected to the internet, the choices become limitless.

The best advantage of this DTX version is that it has plenty of memory when compared to the earlier DTX versions and the controls are very easy and intuitive. The buttons are labelled with a bright LED/ LCD display.

All these are definite upgrades which are available for advanced training kits and at the price at which Yamaha is offering, this DTX522 is an excellent value- for-money product. Read the Full Review HERE


There are many varieties of drum sets for various purposes at different price ranges out there. The choice of an appropriate kit to suit your requirements is a daunting task. This review intends to highlight three such great value-for-money electronic drum kits from a pioneer manufacturer (Yamaha) in the percussion instruments category.

The electronic drum kits sound different and feel different from the acoustic drum sets. The quality of the tones and sounds are far more important to a drum kit than the number of tones that it has on offer. The drum module which is the “soul” needs to be smooth and quick in its response.

The Yamaha drum sets fulfils all the above requirements and that is why they are not just great start-up kits but also great on the performance and sound delivery departments. The Yamaha electronic drums vary slightly in features and upgrades, and are excellent value-for-money products.

These drum sets are easy to set-up, assemble and dismantle and transport. They are highly reliable and come recommended from beginners as well as experienced percussionists.

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The Best yamaha drum sets
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