Roland TD-1K Electronic Drumset | Best Price, 2017 Review

Ask the aspiring drummer about the lure of the drums and you can see the shine in the eyes and a slight tremble in the hands eager to start drumming.

But often the practicalities involved in investing in drums can bog you down.

To begin with, let’s accept the fact that drums need space to set up, they cost quite a bit and the worse of all is the fear of neighbors’ ire – drums can pollute the ambiance of the surroundings.

That being the case, will you give up your love for the beat or look for models that can overcome some of the shortcomings if not all of them.

Have you heard about the Roland TD-1K?

The Roland TD-1K is probably what will shoo away all your worries because it is economical, compact and fun to play.

With a price tag that will bring some respite to your anguished soul, this entry level TD-1K will remain an able companion for time to come; from young to old everyone can get behind this kit and relish the beat that their hands and feet produce.

Why is the Roland TD-1K so special?

  • Affordable: In times where a quality entry level drum costs a little over thousand dollars, the TD-1K is very affordable at around $ 500. And the price belies the quality – the drums are some of the best electronics drums in the market. The sound, stability and the feel of the drums is truly awesome.
  • Compact: The set is compact, practical and well designed to fit into smallest of spaces. The drum rack is adjustable making it even more convenient for you to place your drums exactly the way you want.
  • Quiet: A beginner especially always lives in the fear of annoying family and neighbors with incessant drumming which can be loud and annoying. But with the Roland TD-1K, be rest assured that you will be really quiet thanks to the low- noise pedals and pads that help you remain really quiet.

  • Different sounds: With the TD-1K Rock, blues, Jazz, Heavy Metal, disco and several other styles can be played quite comfortably unlike an acoustic drum kit that can play only one style. In fact, there are 15 different quality drums kits to choose from. All you have to do is to touch a button and change in a jiffy from a hard rock metal to a slow jazz.
  • Built-in tutorial: Nothing can replace a teacher but in the Coach mode you are exposed to several tutorial features that will help in developing your technique. This mode is a great motivator and ensures that every practice session is fruitful because all your exercises are marked and monitored. You can check your scores to see how you are progressing. With the passage of time, you will see that your speed stamina and accuracy will all improve.
  • Play along: There is a jack in the module to which you can plug in any electronic device like the MP3, Smartphone, laptop and play along with your favorite songs.
  • Easy to Operate: The clear display on the LED screen, the flashing tempo indicator, and a control panel so designed that you can reach all controls easily and quickly.

Free PDF Download: Roland – Support – TD-1K – Owner’s Manuals

Features that are not so great

This beginner kit is so awesome there are really no cons that can’t be overcome with a little bit of effort.

  • No built-in speakers: You need to get your own speakers because the kit does not provide one.  That is an extra investment that can’t be avoided.
  • No sticks: It is disappointing to see that the kit does not include sticks for playing. If you are a newbie then you wouldn’t know which size sticks and what material drumming sticks to invest in to produce good audio.

How is the Roland TD-1K better than its competitors.

  • MIDI interface: The built-in USB-MIDI interface makes communicating with various music apps on your computer really simple and easy; all you need is a USB cable.You can transfer your recording to the computer or you can use the Roland’s free V-Drums Friends app wherein you can access several jamming tracks and practice with other users across the globe. This way you get a greater opportunity to learn all the key notations, and various drumming techniques. This makes learning also quick and fun.
  • Can be upgraded: You will not remain a beginner all your life, you will improve and you will need a kit that can grow with you; the Roland TD-1K does just that. Once you invest in this kit you need not worry about changing sets to suit your prowess; you can upgrade the kit as you progress in your skill level.
  • As a result, you can add the number of pads you want to hit. Eventually like all drummers, you will want to use an acoustic bass drum pedal. Well, that is also possible; you can upgrade the kick pad to Roland’s KD-9 model. You can add additional crash cymbals too.
  • Good quality pads and pedals: The Roland TD-1K is touted as an entry level electronic drummer set but don’t let that mislead you. Everything about the set reflects the quality that the company is known for.
  • The use of cutting edge technology ensures that the gum rubber pads reduce the noise and remain responsive and sensitive to velocity. The dual zero cymbals allow you to crash, choke and play bell sounds without jarring. And finally, the hi-hat and bass drum control are really quiet.

Parting words

If you are a beginner drummer and looking for a set that is economical, compact and yet powerful then choose the Roland TD-1K.

When you search for a drum kit the various factors that you consider are the budget, the sound quality, the number of beginner kits and the noise level. It eventually boils down to the price and the overall quality; how much can you compromise and on which of these two aspects will you compromise.

There are several beginners’ sets available in the market that are cheap compact and promise to provide the best experience that you can have. More than half of them fail in the first setup. That is not the case with the TD-1k.

For the price that you get the Roland TD-1K, you would expect poor quality cymbals and pads and pedals and a brain that is really rudimentary. But you will be pleasantly surprised that the manufacturers have taken the trouble to maintain the quality of their drum kits even in this entry-level set.

As a result, here is a kit that is compact, lightweight and with all the basic necessary items to make the kit a winner.

Roland’s V- Drums are considered to be the best in the world of acoustics because of the superior blending of sound, the fell and the durability of the kits. The company has produced top quality kits for over three decades now.

So all the wanna-be drummers, the veterans who want some quiet practice time or the intermediate drummer who wants to hone the drumming techniques, the Roland TD-1K is the choice drummer set. It is an affordable, compact and of great quality and it will grow and evolve with you.

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