Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series | Review and Best Price – 2017

V-Drums from Roland have ruled the music industry for years. The coveted drum kits from Roland are known for their best in class sound quality.

The Roland td-30kv has gained the center stage as one of the most successful models from Roland. There is a long list of factors that make this drum kit so great.

The evolution of Roland V-drums is a story in itself.

It marked a new beginning in the field of electronic drums. Plastic pads in the very first electronic drum kits were not very convenient for the drummers and to overcomes this, Roland introduced rubber pads.

There are many other ways in which Roland revolutionized the electronic drums.

Basic features of the Roland td-30kv:

Technical Specifications:

Let’s get straight into the technical specifications first. The V-Pads, V-kicks, and V-Hi-Hat included in this V-drum from Roland are as follows:

  • Kick: KD-140-BC
  • Snare Pad: PD-128S-BC
  • TOM1 and TOM2: PD-108-BC
  • TOM3 and TOM4: PD-128-BC
  • Hi-Hat: VH-13-MG
  • Cymbal Crash (2): CY-14C-MG
  • Cymbal Ride: CY-15R-MG

An overview of the model:

  • Like its predecessor V-Drums, this model comes with the signature sensing technology that results in incredible sounds
  • Behavior modeling of the drum kit results in the top notch accurate playability
  • To fade ambiance sounds and record crystal clear output, there is an inbuilt ambiance noise fader. It also comes with overhead mic simulation.

Sound customization option is great thanks to the V-edit mode.

  • For a more natural response, the new V-Hi-Hat comes with better motion sensor
  • The rim sensor has also been improved for better sensing of rim shots.
  • The V-cymbals have been designed for better trigger and a natural feel.
  • One interesting and much-needed addition in this model as compared to its predecessors is the inclusion of USB connectivity.

This generation of V-drums from Roland also comes with a new digital signal processing technology which Roland states is responsible for the SuperNATURAL sounds from the drum kit.

The build of Roland td-30kv:

The input and output interfaces are all neatly laid out on the rear panel. The trigger inputs, output interfaces for recording, inputs to mix sounds from other sources, USB interface for PC connection and memory stick input are all included in the interface board on the rear panel.

Following its predecessor, this model also comes with a great build quality like the TD-20KX. The design is robust and comes with KD-140-BC kick pads which are known for its stability in performance.

The MDS-25 is also retained similar to the TD-20KX. With chrome tubes and an efficient cable system that neatly tucks away all the cables, the outline of the design remains the same in the TD-30KV as it was in in its predecessor.

The drum pads in this drum kit come with better rim triggers. They come with achrome finish and mesh heads for better convenience of the drummer. The silver finish cymbals also come with a makeover as against the TD-20KX.

Download the brochure: [PDF]V-Drums V-Pro Series TD-30KV/TD-30K – Roland

New improved features:

The improved signal processor system is responsible for the impressive improvement in the sound quality. The drummer’s every nuance is understood and reproduced by the drum kit. Rolls, rim shots, flams, are all smooth and precise.

  • The included Ambiance fader is responsible for the noticeable spatial depth in the sound. For improved depth in the rim shots, rim sensor has been included for the drum kit’s mesh pads.
  • The snare pad can be mounted on a snare stand. The kit has versatile Tom pads which can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally.For a more acoustic feel of the kicks, the kicks come with precise triggers.The kicks also come with a provision for two pedals.
  • The Hi-Hat is another area where there has been a notable improvement. The new motion sensor in VH-13-MG gives a refined response every time. This is responsible for the acoustic drum kit like performance of the Hi-Hat in the roland td-30kv.
  • The V-cymbals in this kit offer better swing feel and sensitivity. The styling of the new Ride and Crash has been done to complement the Hi-Hat and the Pads. 

What are the features that you might not like on the Roland td-30kv:

  • The fact that most of the essential accessories like Hi-Hat stand and kick pedals are not included in the package might be a disappointment for few. They are however easily available to be bought separately.
  • The classic MD-25 drum stand could be used but again should be bought separately. It is, however, a worthy buy as it offers great stability and a fine balance making it an ideal necessity for any stage performance.

The drum kit though priced reasonably for the given features, it might seem a bit higher on the price tag as against its competitors. Also the fact that the solid drum stand and most other necessary accessories should be separately bought also adds to the overall cost of the drum kit to have it ready for a stage performance. This is, in fact, one of the commonest drawbacks that most of the drummers complain of.

  • The new signal processor sometimes makes the sound appear to be a tad bit over processed.
  • The dynamics of the Hi-Hat might seem limited. But for an electronic drum kit, this is one of the best in class Hi-Hats performance.
  • The overall sounds might seem loud for an electronic drum kit.
  • Playing MP3 through the USB port might sometimes seem a bit sluggish. This can be compensated by playing from a PC through the mix-in port.
  • The trigger response has been improved tremendously but they are definitely not the best in the segment.

 How is the roland td-30kv better than its competitors?

  • The sound quality is one of the most important aspects where the Roland drum kits beat several of their competitors.
  • The overall build quality of the drum kit is one of the major advantages that gives this an edge over its competitors. For regular use and reliable stage performances, the drum heads and rubber rims are all durable.
  • The newer mounts for the cymbal and toms seem more versatile than its predecessors and this is a welcome improvement in the design.
  • The ghost notes, rim shots, and the overall improved dynamics feel more real and closer to an acoustic version
  • The USB port is another useful addition which is lacking in the previous models from Roland and few other competitor models as well. 

The final verdict:

If you are looking for an electronic drum kit, for normal practice sessions and if you are not willing to spend a lot on it, then this drum kit is not for you. However, if you are looking for a high-performance drum kit for some great stage performances, the Roland td-30kv is a great investment.

The initial cost to get the complete setup might appear a bit too expensive. But given the versatility of the V-drums and the advanced technology signal processing system and more, this drum kit might seem worth the price.

It is also a highly durable and a relatively low maintenance kit and this can be another advantage. The roland td-30kvalso gives a performance closest to that by an acoustic. The improved design and the mesh pads would also make sure that the drummer can perform with no additional strain.

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