Roland TD-11KV V-Compact V-Drums Set Reviews – 2017

For superb quality and a flawless drumming experience try the Roland TD 11 KV. Here is a kit that has it all – kicks, snares, cymbals, toms, and percussion.

Since their entry into the music world in the 80’s electronic drums have come a long way and today they sound as good as the original and for a layman the difference is imperceptible.

Sound recording has become way simpler and easier with the electronic drummer.

The possibilities and the range of music that one can produce with these kits are immense and exciting.

Coming to the Roland TD 11 KV, it is one of the finest electronic drumming kits in the market right now. Here is why you should consider and try playing the TD 11 KV.

The best features of Roland TD-11KV:

  • Easy to Use: It is one of the easiest kits to use, especially if you are a beginner. It is easy to navigate between the various buttons and knobs in the module; the display on the LCD screen is an added advantage.
  • Lightweight: This kit is light and easily portable.
  • Customizable stand: The MDS-4V is a stylish, compact stand that not only saves space but is also elegant to look too. The center bar improves the stability of the entire kit.
  • Beginner friendly:  If you are a beginner to drumming, this is the best kit you could ever hope to buy because there is a Coach function in the kit which aids the beginner to improve the timing and maintain the grooves.
    You can change the rhythm and tempo to bring variation in the beats. The beat timing exercise gives you a score with which you can measure your progress. The built-in metronome too helps you practice.

  • Quick recording: You never know when you may be inspired to produce a beat that is worth remembering. With the quick record function, you can effortlessly record any beat even as you are playing. This function is also helpful to keep track of your practice sessions; you can replay the sessions to identify portions that you can improve.
  • Vast sound library:  You can choose from a wide range of sounds and genres to perform and practice.
  • Easy Set-up: It is a breeze to set up the Roland TD 11KV.
  • Can Connect to external player:  Using a USB cord you can connect the drums to your computer, external music players, an iOS device and either practice or play along with your favorite artists. You can also play along with tracks in a loop.
  • Mesh Heads improve sound quality: Normally mesh heads can be tuned to the tension that suits your style of playing; actually, a more experienced player will appreciate the mesh heads. The rebound is more and it is easier to play the drums with the mesh heads; this improves the quality of sound too.

Download the Owner’s Manual for Ronald TD 11 KV


  • Cymbals not up to the mark: There is no variety in the sounds produced unlike the sounds in an acoustic drum. You cannot crescendo, fortissimo or decrescendo with these cymbals.
  • Hi Hat Issues: The Hi-Hat controller is not sensitive to funk or intricate play. And also to it requires some effort to learn the timing to hit the Hi-Hat pedal and use the hi-hat controller in sync with the open and closed position.
  • Rack: The rack is too compact. Next, the height of the rack is an issue; if you like to play your drums higher, then the rack is not tall enough and the user will have to make some arrangements to increase the height of the toms and the snares.
  • Expensive: The Ronald TD 11 KV is a mid-range model and hence the price is a tad more than the models in the range. And if you are a beginner you might want to consider before you spend a few hundred more on this Roland than its nearest rival.

Advantage over competitors

This mid-range kit has several interesting features that separate it from rest of the crowd.

  • Supernatural sound engine: This is the latest technology used by Ronald to enhance the drumming experience and make it as natural as possible. As a result, you will produce a different sound and reverb every time; the produced sound depends on where you hit and how you hit each time.
    The resultant sound is louder and sharper. This increases the playability and performance of the drum too. Thanks to the behavior modeling unless you are an expert it is difficult to tell the difference between the Roland TD11 KV and an acoustic drum.
  • Quieter: The mesh head on all the drums makes them quieter than any rubber heads.

High-end module: To produce sounds that are natural and sound good, the quality of the module is important. The Module in TD 11 KV produces fast and accurate triggers almost at par with acoustic drums.

  • You get feedback on your playing. You can tweak the sensitivity and the module’s response to suit your speed and style of playing. You can also adjust the EQ of individual drums and cymbals and produce up to 10 distinctive ambiance effects.
  • Interface: The LCD screen is large and the icons distinguishable making it easy to use the module quite effortlessly even for a beginner.
  • Great Cymbal quality: The use of the CY-12C Crash Cymbal presents a natural swinging motion with choke control and accurate triggering. Similarly, the ride Cymbal CY 13 R provides a larger bow area, more playing field and precise trigger for edge, bow, and bell.
  • KD-9 Kick Pad: You can experience dynamic response with accurate triggering with the KD 9 Kick Pad which has a better rebound and is almost like a traditional kick pad. And the best part is that it is easy to setup too.
  • 50 Kits: There are 25 preset kits and another 25 kits can be customized by you in which you can store a variety of mixed drum sounds. That is a vast number of kits to play and practice with; it also gives a lot of flexibility.
  • 190 instrumental sounds: You can pick from over 190 instrumental sounds to play and practice and record new music.


When you want nothing but the best, then price becomes secondary and the product the ultimate decider. Roland kits are rated among the best electronic drummer kits in the world.

So, The TD 11 KV is one of the best practicing kits in recent times. With the Roland TD 11KV you can polish your elementary drumming skills at the same time use it for serious music recording too.

If its Amazon rating is anything to go by, then the TD 11 KV scores a healthy 4.4 out of 5, which speaks a lot about the popularity of the kit.

Here is a kit that lives up to all that it promises to do. So those of you who are looking for a suitable alternative to the acoustic drum which is loud and heavy, the Ronald TD 11 KV is a perfect choice. It is light, portable and thanks to the mesh heads is not loud; you can practice to your heart’s content without disturbing family or neighbors.

When you want nothing but the best, don’t compromise on the price because though the TD 11 KV is expensive, several drummers feel the quality and experience is well worth the money.

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