The Best Roland Electric Drum Set – Review 2017

The Roland Corporation are leading manufacturers of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment, and software. The Roland electric drum sets are remarkable percussion instruments and a name to reckon with among the manufacturers of music equipment.

Digital percussion sounds are a big rage in the music scene today for their sheer scope and convenience. In popular terminology, these digital percussion instruments are simply called electric drum sets.

These sets include:

  • a drums module that produces digital sounds
  • drum pads that are either discs or shallow drum shells with each pad having a sensor
  • drumsticks that trigger the sensors in the pads
  • rubberised or acoustic or electronic cymbals
  • synthesizers

The choice of a perfect electric drum kit to suit your needs may seem a formidable task. The review on the Roland electric drum sets may help you to make an informed choice.

Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

Roland TD-1K Electronic Drumset

Roland TD-1K Electronic Drumset

Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit

Item weight 87.5pounds 26pounds 168.9pounds
Product dimensions 34 * 34 * 34inches 38 *38 *38inches 4.6 *4.6 *4.6inches
Item model no TD-11K-S TD – 1K TD-30KV-S
Customer rankings 4.3 out of 5stars 4.9 out 5stars 4.5 out 5 stars
Date first available April 2012 October 2014 April 2012

Products description:

Roland TD-1K Electric Drum Sets:

This Roland electric drum set is a great instrument for drumming novices.

This is a small compact kit when compared to the other Roland drum kits. It can be quiet when you want it to be and is ideally suited for those long practice/ training sessions at home.

  • The Roland’s V-drums are amongst the most reputed and popular electric drums in the recent times.
  • This compact TD-IK delivers the typical V-drums characteristics of authentic, natural sounds, quick response, and durability.
  • This drum kit comes offers an array of musical styles, on-board training and recording facilities to monitor and check your progress. The musical genres vary from jazz to rock and world music. This TD-1K kit is ideal for a beginner or a discerning musician.
  • There is scope for MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) connectivity. Despite the real feel, great pricing, scope for upgrade, Wi-Fi connectivity, easy to use controls there are some snags like this drum set does not come with a drum throne or drumsticks of its own.

This means, that a newcomer would have to go hunting for these again. Also, the pads positioning adjustment is limited and can be an encumbrance. There are no built-in speakers which can be a drawback sometimes. Read the Full Review HERE

The Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic DrumSet:

The unique selling proposition of the TD-11K-S V-Compact Roland electric drum set is that it gives a very natural sound and a genuine feel like that of an acoustic drum.

The drum module is very expressive and comes packaged with some beneficial storage like providing for data storage via the USB and quick-record/ quick-play functions, a coach function and supporting several musical styles.

  • The cymbals, kick pads, tom pads and hi-hat have been designed to support the mesh head drum pads effectively and provide for more effective playability.
  • The snare head is designed to trigger both snare sounds as well as rim sounds. The V-cymbals are known for their great crash and ride sounds.
  • The benefits of mesh heads are that they give a SUPERNATURAL acoustic feel and can be tightened just like any acoustic skin. This means that the drummer can adjust the tension and when combined with responsive cymbals like the CY-12C for the crash and CY-13R 3-way cymbal for the ride, they give a great sound effect.
  • This drum kit from Roland is good for training, practice as well as studio practice. It is easy to set-up this kit and the button interface does have an ergonomic design with LED display and unlike the rubber pads that many other drums sets use, the mesh heads are brilliant. But enough has been said about them already.

This kit doesn’t come with a bass kick and the MDS-4V rack that accompanies the kit doesn’t feel solid enough, though it looks strong. There can be more options for adjusting the heights of the snare pads and tom pads and the clamps have a very plastic feel to them, though they look sturdy enough. Read the Full Review HERE

The Roland TD-30KV V-Pro series electronic drum kit:

This is the electronic drum set which can actually match-up to any acoustic kit.

The sheer variety of sounds and tones that emerge from this Roland electric drum set is amazing.

  • The 30KV V-Pro series expresses a very natural realistic sound with all the subtleties and nuances that are worthy of a flagship model.
  • The TD-30 drum module is driven by the Roland’s supernatural sound engine and gives about 100 on-board kits and around 1300 instruments paving access to a huge array of percussion sounds that are suitable for any musical piece.
  • This drum kit is inclusive of a TD-30 drum sound module, a KD-140-BC V-kick, 1 PD-128S-BC V-snare pad, 2 PD-108-BC V-tom pads, 2 PD-128-BC V-tom pads, a hi-hat (1 VH-13 MGV), 2 CY14C and 2CY15R crash and ride cymbals.
  • The V-drums are known for their sensitivity and Super NATURAL sounds. The trade V hi-hat and V-cymbals provide good response and natural sound effects. The V-pads give great rim shots because of their accurate rim sensors.
  • There is scope for customising the songs and a USB memory port for data back-up as well as audio re-plays. There is a separate USB port for PC connectivity and a dedicated ambience fader and scope for overhead mic simulation.

For the high-pricing and amazing quality that Roland offers, it could well have included a snare stand, a hi-hat stand and a kick drum pedal, which do not come with the drum kit. Read the Full Review HERE


The range and scope of Roland electric drum sets are such that there are models to suit every need from that of a beginner to a professional, from amateur practice sessions to live performances and studio recordings.

The 3 drum kits reflect the variety but the most common feature among them is the realistic sound and effortless playability offered by the Roland drums.

The sound quality from these drums can rival that of any acoustic kit.

These models may not include a few accessories and it is best to understand what come with the package and what doesn’t before you make a choice.

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