Junior Drum Set | Mendini by Cecilio Review – 2017

Do you have a passionate “little” drummer at home?

Are you searching for a suitable drum kit for the budding drummer?

Then look at this junior drum set, Mendini by Cecilio.

Do not go by its appearance for this tiny little drum kit is great not just for the kids!

If you would like to see your little drummer busy for hours chasing his passion, read on to know about the Mendini by Cecilio and to know why this would be a great choice for your kid.

Buying a drum set for kids can be a tougher choice to make than to buy one for the adults as tiny customers are tougher to please. But this drum set is sure to add a smile on your kid’s face.

The professional looking set, the perfect size for kids below 8, this drum set is all you could ask for from a junior drum set.

Some of the nice stuff about Mendini by Cecilio, Junior Drum Set:

Getting straight to the basic features, this drum kit comes with a bass, snare, tom and a full package in a miniature version of a professional drum kit:

  • It comes with a Bass drum of 13” x 8”
  • A mounted tom of 8” x 6”
  • Mounted snare of 10” x 4”
  • 8” Cymbal
  • It also has a bassdrum pedal and drum throne

Thus this drum kit is a complete package and even comes with a pair of drumsticks. So all you have to do is open the package and do the basic assembly and you are good to go!

The manufacturer recommended age for the drum kit is 3 to 8 years. But of course, except for the size, it is no less than a drum kit for the adults in any aspect.

So if you are looking for a great drum kit that would not occupy a lot of space, this one is a great choice. This drum kit comes in 5 different colors black, green, purple, blue and red.

The perfect sized junior drum set has been designed keeping in mind the little drummers. The positioning of the tom and snare are comfortable for the little ones to reach. The pedal is also suitably placed so the tiny feet can reach it without a strain. 

Download Free [PDF]5-Piece Junior Drum Kit Assembly Instruction

What you might not like in the junior drum set:

  • The tom and snare might need to be tweaked in place every now and then. They sometimes seem to get loose on their mounts after prolonged use of the drum set.
  • The sound from the cymbal might seem a bit out of place when compare with the sound quality offered by the snare and tom.
  • The size might seem a bit too small especially if you have a tall 8-year-old but for a junior drum kit, this works just great.
  • The recommended age is from 3 to 8 but for the 3-year-olds, reaching the pedal might sometimes be a bit difficult.

 How does this drum set fare the competition?

You might find a lot more choices while buying a kids drum set than when you buy a professional one for yourself. There is indeed a stiff competition in the juniordrum set market and Mendini by Cecilio does a great job to stand the competition.

  • It is quite sturdy for the size. The one common complaint that many customers have with junior drum kits is that the kit is wobbly. But this drum set is quite sturdy and that is great!
  • The hardwood shells make the drum kit more durable. So you don’t have to worry about your little drummer taking apart the drum kit within days.
  • It comes as a whole package with all basic accessories you might need. The assembly is also straightforward. This can be the issue with some kids drum sets where you might have to buy accessories separately to make a complete kit. 

The final verdict:

True! There are a lot of choices to choose from for purchasing a drum kit for the kids. But if you are looking for a beginner level drum kit for your kids and at a reasonable price then this one is a clear winner and for the best part, it also comes in a variety of colors.

Bob M.
Mendini by Cecilio
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