Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit Review | Top Quality and Price – 2017

The perfect drum set is every drummer’s dream.

The drum set can be purchased for a beginner or Professional or even for children according to their level of drumming.

The perfect beginner drum set aids the drummer to practice and to build confidence on his skill.

If the person is a professional, it would help him to create the best music according to his expectation. Likewise a starter drum set will be less expensive compared to the drum set used by the professional to compose a perfect music.

Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit Review:

Electronic Drum Set Vs. Acoustic Drum Set:

The Electronic Drum Set and Acoustic Drum Set each have their own Pros and Cons. But broadly, this can be discussed on the quality of the sound, volume of the sound generated, ease of recording, ease of Practice and ease of Maintenance.

  1. Acoustic Drum Set:

    1. Sound Quality of an Acoustic Drum Set is incomparable ‘
    2. Expensive
    3. Tuned Drum Set produces an amazing quality of music.
    4. Usually louder and can’t be practiced any time of the day especially if they live in a closed neighborhood or apartment.
    5. Recording requires specialized microphones to capture the good quality music which could be again expensive.
    6. Usually practiced with other instrument players.
    7. Other band members also require an equivalent quality instruments to match the drum’s quality sound.
    8. Easier to maintain as the drum heads are less expensive
  2. Electronic Drum Set:

    1. This produces the sound quality equivalent to studio.
    2. Less Expensive
    3. Produces quality sound straight out of the box
    4. Most of the electronic drums come with a headphone socket to nullify the sound using a headphone and can be practiced any time of the day.
    5. Recording is easier which can be done in a jiff of a second by plugging to the recording device. Although the quality might be compromised.
    6. Drummer can practice along with the other music even from an mp3 player. Physical presence is not required by other musician.
    7. Irrespective of the other members in the band, the drummer can deliver an excellent music.
    8. Maintenance is expensive as the heads are little bit expensive compared to Acoustic Drum set.

Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit Review:

Are you an aspiring drummer or a Pro, looking for a perfect electronic drum kit to practice and create music with limited constraints like budget or floor space? The Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit will be the perfect solution.

Main Feature:

The Alesis Nitro Kit is marketed with two configurations for the convenience of the drummers. The Basic Drum kit and the Drum Throne & Headphone Bundle

      DRUM SET:

  • Full-size electronic drum kit with five piece electronic drum set with DM6 drum sound quality.
  • Five piece electronic drum set includes three 8” single-zone tom pads, three 12” cymbals and kick pad tower with brass drum pedal.
  • Digital drum module DM6 is upgraded with 100’s of percussion sounds, 40 different kits and 60 built in play along tracks
  • Drum pads are upgraded with higher sound quality along with the built-in tools for practicing.
  • Also includes 15 programmable drum sets
  • Dual-zone snare pad for rimclick and rimshot to produce an accented snare drum backbeat.
  • Computers and mobile device use USB MIDI connection for recording Sound recording and the virtual-instrument control.

The Drum Throne & Headphone Bundle kit has additional Cannon UP197 Drum Throne and Behringer Headphones added to the basic Kit.

Download the Product Overview HERE: [PDF]DM6 Kit –


  • Drum throne has a seat of 10” diameter
  • Padded seat of Drum throne is Double braced, which makes it extra comfortable.
  • Drum throne’s maximum capacity of 150lbs.
  • Height adjustable


  • Headphone ear cups are comfortably oval shaped to hear the minutest details of the music.
  • Headphone capsules are of superior quality.
  • Also included with 1/8” connector
  • 1/4” Adaptor also included. 

Best Feature:

  1. Feel & Dynamics

The Drum set is designed to bring out the best music from the drummer. Every drummer will have a great feel and the dynamic response of the drum set is so natural.

  1. LCD Screen:

Drum Set’s LCD screen is amazingly user friendly for the navigation.The buttons for drum and cymbal are similar to the earlier models making it easier for music composition.

  1. Sounds & Surprises:

DM6 Drum set has 40 classic and ready to play kits. The top-notch drum, cymbal along with the percussion sounds makes it easier to create an amazing unique play-kit. The drum module also has a metronome and many different profiles like jazz, metal and switch between them in no time at all. The cymbal sound in the drum set is also great.

  1. Headphone jack & Stereo Outs:

For any time private practices, the head phones jack can be used to nullify the Sound. Apparently makes the drum set easy to use anywhere.The Stereo outs available in the Drum Set can be used to connect to any external system like Amplifier or PA system while performing for the larger public. The stereo outs can also be connected to a recording console as well.

  1. Compact Headphones:

This high end headphone gives a wide frequency range while composing music. The task of mixing various tunes along with the monitoring of bass lines is made easy by hearing minute details clearly. Most importantly it comes with a cord that is single sided. Completely making it tangle free.

  1. MIDI Connection:

Along with the USB MIDI connection, MIDI In and Out jacks are also available. This can be connected to the drum machine with MIDI or with any other audio gear.

  1. Additional Features:
    1. Amazing features are available for learning.
    2. Play along tracks that are approximately more than 60 are available.
  2. Space:

This drum set could be easily accommodated in a very small space of 4” * 3”

Negative Points:

  1. Cheaper Drumsticks: The drumsticks that come along with the drum setfeels like a cheaper 2A’s.
  2. Average Rebound: Rebounds from the snare pad isn’t that good. The rim has a nice sound to it but hard to trigger sometimes.
  3. An OK hi hat Pedal: The hi hat pedal isn’t good enough to play double bass, as the hi hat is not made firm enough.
  4. Not good for heavy hitters:This drum set is not good for heavy hitters, as the continuous hard hitting might tear the tom over the period of time. But there isn’t much effect on the playing or rebound.

Advantages over competition:

  1. Pocket Friendly: This drum set almost provides same features and the quality of music equivalent to an expensive brand that costs $700 to $1000.
  2. Analog Drum Experience: This drum set gives all the aspiring drummers the true analog drum experience along with all the benefits that other brands provide.
  3. Drum anytime, anywhere: The drum set’s headphone jack allows practice drumming by connecting headphones without disturbing neighbors and family.
  4. User Experience: The sound and the adjustable kits that comes along with this drum set is great. The quality of the build, easy to set up and the real pedals makes the drumming experience similar to an analog drum set. The metronome also helps in improving the skills.


While buying a drum set lot of the things need to be considered like hardware of the drum, accessories that are crucial and tools that will be used for learning and practice. Let’s look at the few of the things that might help in deciding the drum set to buy.

  • Choosing the configuration like Standard or fusion based on a drum diameter
  • Choosing the drum based on drummer’s style is also a key
  • An affordable drum set with lot of learning tools if it’s for the beginner.
  • Drum thrones are also important, as it helps the drummer to adjust height for playing the drum comfortably.
  • Choosing between Analog or Electric Drum Sets

The Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit is one of the best affordable electric drum set available in the market. This would be a perfect buy for someone who is a learning to play drums. This drum set comes as a one box set with everything included.

The USB MIDI allows the interfacing to the computer for recording and mixing the favorite music. Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit is the best buy for the drummers who are beginning to play and on a budget and also wish to do mix of music using computer at any time of the day!

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