Alesis DM10 Review for 2017 | Will this Electronic Drum Kit do it?

Electronic drum kits today are no more a tacky piece of equipment that hardcore musicians once turned their nose up at.

  • They have become absolute professional gear that are not just confined to the studio but are also making their mark in live applications.
  • The DM10 comes from the house of Alesis who were one of the first electronic instrument companies to manufacture affordable musical gear for home recordings.
  • Their first electronic drum kit was introduced in 1990 which speaks for their experience in these kits.
  • The Alesis DM10, studio kit is a high quality drum kit that can be used for both studio recordings and for practicing quietly in places apartments without disturbing your neighbors. What’s more, the professional kit is even ideal for using for live on-stage performances.

The DM10 is a 10 piece drum kit featuring a 6 piece drum kit and a 4 piece cymbal set. Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, the DM10 will be a great buy. Read on as give you an insight in to the capabilities of this electronic kit and look at its features in great detail, in our Alesis DM10 review below.

Alesis DM10 Review | Best features:

  1. Dynamic articulation technology

The kit boasts of an exclusive Dynamic Articulation technology which uses a compilation of 1047 different real drum sounds, percussion and cymbal sounds. So depending on whether you play harder or softer, the drum timbre changes to match your playing and gives you a hyper-realistic feel.

  1. Mylar heads

The snare, tom and kick pad drum heads are made of PET (polyethylene teraphthalate) or popularly known as Mylar which is known for its tensile strength. These are much better than mesh heads which can be bouncy despite being quieter.

The Mylar head pads give authentic sticking and rebound for an almost real feel that is close to an acoustic kit.

  1. More drum per kit

With four toms, a snare and a kick pad, you get enough number of drum pads to satisfy your thirst for drumming. Also the toms and the snare have dual-zones in them to give you a more realistic and expressive drumming experience.

  1. Drum module

The DM-10 has a high definition module that has a mixer with 12 trigger inputs. This lets you experiment and create your own custom configurations.

  1. Construction

The DM10 is set up in a StageRack system that is made of Aluminum to be rock solid. All components of the drum kit neatly fit into this rack system. It is a four-post system where the Aluminum rack is held in place with clamps.

The drum pads too are fixed to the rack with clamps and wing screws. The sound module sits neatly on the left arm of the rack. The entire set-up is so sturdy and stable that you can play as hard as you want and your kit will stay put.

  1. Input/Output

The kit has an auxiliary input and a jack for your headphone, so you can simply plug your headphones into the kit and play all you want without disturbing those around you.

  1. Unbelievable price

The DM10 price tag is almost too good to be true as it is even lesser than some high-end practice pads. Even though practice pads are a good option for your home use, they can never compare to a complete drum kit. So ultimately, it gives you great bang for your buck and you get a professional drum kit and a practice kit all-in-one.

  1. Ease of use

With the Xtrack mounting system, you can set-up your kit and break it down in no time. No more spending your precious time on setting up your kit.

  1. Portable

As the drum kit is easy to set-up, it is not only portable for using outside your home in gigs, it can also be re-arranged to fit even into the most smallest of playing spaces. So you get a super-portable kit akin to a practice pad while giving you a natural playing experience.

  1. Channel faders

Did you hear that right? Yes! The sound module comes with channel faders which is something that you can only find in high-end kits. Surely, this one is more bang for your buck.

  1. iPad compatible

You can now do more with your drum kit as it is also iPad compatible allowing you to connect via the USB port. With this feature you can easily manage all your musical data, use apps and even trigger virtual instruments on your computer.

Download the DM10 Studio Kit (2011) – Product Overview HERE

Negative points

Any product review is not complete unless it also looks into the negative aspects of the product. Hence we made sure we also include the features that could be better in the DM10. As you will see, though they are not very major problems, it is always better to pay attention to them before making a purchase to avoid regretting later.

  • The kit does not come with the drum sticks and the kick pedal. Though it is possible that you might already have your pair of drumsticks, a lighter pair of drumsticks will keep your kit going for a longer time than heavy ones. A pair of cheap light sticks could have been a nice addition to the package.

Though the Mylar pads are great for some super responsive playing, they can produce a bit of a noise and hence playing on the kit may not be a totally silent affair depending on where you live. Alternatively, you could upgrade you kit with some mesh heads for less than $100 dollars if you absolutely must.

  • Once you set-up your kit you will have to update it with the product software which can take a bit of effort
  • The hi-hats need some calibration before you can start playing and it seems a bit tricky and not straight forward. So you will have to wait it out and and can be a downer f you thought you could start playing straight out of the box.

Advantages over competition

Alesis DM10 versus Roland TD-4k2

A close competition to the Alesis DM10 in terms of price is Roland TD-4k2.

The DM10 beats the Roland kit in having a more feature loaded module with the option of loading new sound sets via USB from your computer.

This means your module will always be up to date and have a lot to choose from.

Also with the DM10 you get more pads than the Roland. While you get 4 toms and 3 cymbals with the DM10, you get only 3 toms and 2 cymbals on the Roland.

Clearly, the DM10 gives you more drumming power.

Other advantages

There are certain unique features of the Alesis DM10 which sets it apart from other similar electronic drum kits on the market.

  1. A high-definition sound library with many sound samples
  2. More drum pads and cymbals per kit
  3. Low price


The Alesis DM10 studio kit has been developed with real players in mind and is not just another competitively priced electronic drum kit that compromises quality in the bargain.

The price factor is undeniably the first reason beginners will be drawn to the DM10. But for it price point, it packs more features than one can imagine giving you a high quality drum kit for almost the price of a practice pad.

We are sure that our Alesis DM10 review has given you a good idea of what the electronic drum kit has to offer. Just don’t let your electronic drum kit sit inside your studio or just use it for some quiet practicing, With the DM10, you can even bring out your electronic drum kit out for your favorite gigs and unleash the drummer in you.

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